Heutagogy Community of Practice

Advancing the Theory and Practice of Self-Determined Learning

2014 Heutagogy Conference


2014 Heutagogy Conference

Linking Heutagogy with Learning for the 21st century

A One Day event to be held on 6th June 2014

VENUE confirmed In London, WC1N 3QS, UK at the London Knowledge Lab (LKL)


9:00 Welcome & Introduction to the day: presenting the context of
Heutagogy (Fred Garnett/ Ronan O’Beirne organisers)

Morning theme; How helpful is the theory of heutagogy?

9:30 Keynote; Stewart Hase “Heutagogy; contributing to an educational revolution?” Followed by plenary discussion to identify HnS workshop themes. (30mins & 15mins plenary)

10:15 Hope ‘n’ Space workshop: to provide a question or an answer for the discussion e.g. “A heutagogy toolbox for the 21st Century learning”
(tea and coffee free flowing) (group chairs to be identified in discussion)

11:30 Feedback from workshops – curated by Fred Garnett (&CC after)

12:00 Pecha Kucha – randomly chosen (6min 40s each maximum) all audio recorded (all attendees invited to present a PK).

13:00 Lunch

Afternoon theme; How helpful is the practice of heutagogy?

14:00 Show and Tell of Practical Heutagogy: Heutagogy projects on display. Convivial Camera, Raspberry Pi/Wyliodrin, Soundwalk, WikiQuals, Digital/Analogue integration, Learning Planet, iPad Art, Open Sqolars, Silicon Skills, Hub Westminster, Transition Councils, Recipe Walks, Social Reporting, OpenRSA, Open Institutes…

16:00 Show and Tell plenary. What is Practical Heutagogy?

16:15 Heutagogy-­enabled policy for the 21st Century; Nigel Ecclesfield

16.30 Plenary 21st Century Education; what’s missing from this picture?
BOOKINGS will open soon – watch this space 

for more information please contact

conference booking email

Key People:

  • Monika Barton – Prague (organizer of last years – 2013 conference)
  • Lisa Marie Blaschke – Stuttgart (key speaker at 2013 conference)
  • Bernard Bull – Wisconsin US (enthusiast keen to help organize 2014 conference)
  • Fred Garnett – London (enthusiast keen to be involved in 2014 conference)
  • Stewart Hase – Sydney (organizer and be involved in 2014 conference)
  • Ronan O’Beirne – Bradford (organizer and be involved in 2014 conference)

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