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World Heutagogy Day: A Review of ‘Professional Journey and Personal Empowerment’

Thanks to Ivan McClellan on Flickr for making this image available for use.

Thanks to Ivan McClellan on Flickr for making this image available for use.

World Heutagogy Day

In celebration of World Heutagogy Day (September 26, 2013) and to celebrate  the publication of Self-Determined Learning edited by Stewart Hase and Chris Kenyon and published by Bloomsbury Academic, we have organised World Heutagogy Day. The chapter authors will collectively review each other’s chapters.  Below is one such review

Fred Garnett has created an introduction to the book as a “curated conversation” on slideshare called What is Heutagogy?  More information about World Heutagogy Day can be found on Fred’s bog HERE.

We will tweet using #wHday13 to promote heutagogy, heutagogic ideas and heutagogic projects. Join in if you want to promote heutagogy.

Review of Natalie Canning’s chapter, by Stewart Hase

Natalie Canning’s chapter ‘Professional Journey and Personal Empowerment: Much More than a Qualification’ is one of the few examples of research on heutagogy. Her case study approach investigated the experience of early childhood practitioners exposed to heutagogy in their professional course. More specifically Natalie used heutagogical methods in her teaching, providing an opportunity for the learners to design their own learning journey. What the study revealed was that using a heutagogical approach resulted in the learners: feeling more empowered to do their own learning; improved self-reflective practice; improving their ability to implement change; and being able to support others more effectively.


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